Our Approach

SoilTech is an engineering consulting company specializing in providing geotechnical engineering, materials engineering and materials testing services with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in taking a common sense approach to problems, providing practical advice, solutions and design.

Your project is important to us and as part of your design team we understand the role your consultants play in your schedule and budget. Having been involved with a wide variety of projects, in both type and scale, we are quick to adapt to the needs of your project. We bring effective communication, quick decision making, practical engineering and an extensive understanding of soil conditions and the available resources, in Prince George and the surrounding area, to your project. SoilTech strives to provide value added service and will go the extra mile to work with you to complete successful projects.

Commercial Buildings

Foundation Review

Parking Area

Density Testing

Aggregate Sourcing and Validating

We work with a broad range of clients. Local general contractors, home builders, municipalities, to large scale general contractors.




We offer a broad range of geotechnical engineering, materials engineering, materials testing, and consulting services.



Our projects range from residential, subdivisions, commercial, airports, institutional, mining, and highways



We work with a broad range of clients. Developers,  general contractors, home builders, municipalities, and design professionals.



SoilTech offers engineering and material testing construction services to owners and contractors who are actively engaged in the construction of civil, municipal, residential, commercial, or infrastructure projects. Our service offerings range from geotechnical engineering, materials engineering, site reviews, material testing on soils, aggregates, concrete, and asphalt. SoilTech has an educated and motivated ownership structure with over 30 years of combined construction and engineering related experience.


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